Marine Biology

2015-16 Syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer McCabe Reynolds
Room 320 Upper School

Textbook: Marine Biology, 8th Edition c. 2010 by Castro and Huber
Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, c. 2010 by Paul Greenberg
Your First Marine Aquarium c.2008 by John H. Tullock

Mandatory Field Trip: Wednesday, March 16 - Friday, March 18 to UGA Marine Extension Service on Skidaway Island

Grade Distribution
I will provide averages at each of the quarters. If you would like your grade at any other time, feel free to talk to or email me. Your semester average will be calculated using the following breakdown:

Tests/Final Project - 30%
Quizzes - 10%
Labs/Projects - 20%
Classwork/Homework/Notebooks - 20%
Final Exam - 20%

This syllabus gives chapter and probable topics for each week of the fall semester. For a complete listing of reading assignments, test dates, homework assignments, and what is going on in the class, consult the biweekly assignment calendar link posted by the instructor.

Week of Assignment
Week 1/2: Overview of course/Introduction of aquarium internship
Start reading Your First Marine Aquarium/Aquarium Videos

Week 2/3: Learn Marine Aquarium Basics/Sign up for Research Projects
Interviews for Internship Program

Week 3/4: Quiz on Marine Aquarium Basics/Complete YFMA
Assign Research Projects/Tanks and Begin Research/Tank care

Week 4/5: Finish tank training/TEST on YFMA

Week 5/6: Chapter 1: The Science of Marine Biology

Week 6/7: Wrap up Ch. 1/Quiz on Ch. 1/Chapter 3: Chemical and Physical Features of Seawater

Week 7/8: Continue Chapter 3 /Learn to use wikis

Week 8/9: Complete Ch. 3/Test Ch. 1 and 3 Project Proposal Due

Week 9/10: TEST Ch. and 3, Start Ch. 4 Fundamentals of Biology

Week 10: FALL BREAK/Continue Ch. 4 Fundamentals of Biology

Week 11/12: Complete Ch. 4: Fundamentals of Biology/TEST Ch. 4

Week 12/13: Begin Ch. 14 Coral Reefs

Week 13/14: Continue Ch. 14 Coral Reefs

Week 14/15: Continue Ch. 14 Coral Reefs/ TEST on Coral Reefs

Week 15/16: Marine Algae

Week 16: Thanksgiving Break, Sponges

Week 17: Worm Projects

Week 18: Worm Projects/ Exam review

Week 19: EXAMS